The Puerto Rico Police (Policía de Puerto Rico) is made up of men and women with a great interest in working for Puerto Rico. The organization has begun several processes to organize the functions and services they provide to citizens, as well as organize their internal processes, allowing them to deliver a service of excellence so you and your loved ones can feel safe and secure.

Their vision and commitment is to guarantee a safe society, using prevention methods to combat crime, to protect life and property, and offer a better quality of life to all citizens.

The Obstacles They Faced

The Puerto Rico Police was facing several challenges related to their electric service – their power substation and electric generator affected their data center, blocking access to information.


To solve the problems faced by the Puerto Rico Police, we configured a virtual data center in Azure and migrated the servers from the main data center.


Azure virtual machines, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Site Recovery Services

What We Achieved Together

By migrating the servers to Azure, we achieved an availability of 99.95%, while non-critical applications managed a Recovery Time (RTO) of 10 minutes, with an approximate Recovery Point (RPO) of 3 minutes.